HTC takes on Nokia, unveils new Windows Phone 8 handsets

HTC has decided to go one-on-one with Nokia by uncovering two fresh brilliantly-colored phones that have been selected as “signature” Windows Phone 8 smartphones by the Redmond-based software giant.

The Taiwanese mobile phone maker has been under pressure from decreasing incomes as it fights in the Android-running market with Samsung. So, betting on an alternative is makes sense for them. The smartphones will be offered from November on different networks all over the world.

The two HTC phones – the Windows Phone 8X the Windows Phone 8S – will place them straight against the Finnish mobile maker, who earlier in September also released two colorful Windows Phone variants.

Both manufacturers have been hindered from placing their devices on sale or even declaring prices since Microsoft hasn’t officially declared the Windows Phone 8 operating system; that will not occur before the ending of October, along the release of the fresh Windows 8 desktop tablet OS.

Similar to the Finnish manufacturer, HTC has to generate enough revenues from is new lineup of smartphones to survive in the smartphone market, where Apple and Samsung already control half of the total smartphone shipments. The latest iPhone from the Cupertino-based telecommunication giant has alaredy been touted successful, with Apple bragging 2 million pre-orders. And now the handset has been launched, HTC will not have easy to gain some traction. However the Asian giant is expecting some help from Microsoft’s marketing.

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