A look at the expected features of the upcoming Android v4.2

As the unveiling of the next Nexus phone Android edition, rumors are increasingly revealing the details of both the operating system the widget. Still, no one can authenticate them.

As per the latest report from Android and me, the Android 4.2 will arrive with Android customization center, project road runner, improved Google Now, refurbished stock video player a fresh Play Store.

As we discussed earlier, Android customization center appears to be an answer to deal with maker customizations. Instead of the default system-wide addition of custom user interface, we will get some room, where manufacturers could offer added attributes, themes, language packs, widgets, sounds, etc. Whilst, it would be necessary for Nexus makers to use this, since they have to fulfill the obligations of providing stock Android experience customization center will be the mere place where they can include their own material, though the usual retail units won’t essentially arrive with stock Android.

Coming to Project Roadrunner, same as the Project Butter user interface smoothness, the search giant has enhanced the battery life of Android smartphones in Android 4.2 with Project Roadrunner. If this is correct, this is definitely a welcome enhancement for all Android fans.

We will also get an improved edition of Google Now in Android 4.2; Android Me is claiming that this enhanced Google Now can reply to phone FAQs.

Other alterations are anticipated in Google Play the stock video player. Video player is supposedly receiving a huge revamp will arrive with fresh APIs for other video services to tie in.

The Android v4.2 is hoped to be unveiled in October at AllThingsD’s Dive into Mobile conference.