Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals: Why users like it smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a smartphone that needs a separate bag to carry. It is so huge, but perhaps some users like that.

How much big can a smartphone get? The Galaxy Note 2 is the ideal answer to this question. The smartphone is the largest by any means. The South Korean major intended to make a handset that seems out of our imagination, and quite frankly they do it really well. The handset flaunts a massive 5.3inches screen, which is totally unbelievable. It is thus not practical and needs to be dismissed right away. Contrary to this, the tech lover’s community has welcomed this device with open arms.

The handset is not just awkward, but also quite expensive. But, that problem could be solved by Galaxy Note 2 deals. And in the end, we will cover this topic as well. It could be said that the handset in question needs a lot of answers before it passes our tests. The huge display is clear, vivid, and ideal for viewing movies. Even web browsing is great, but we are missing something. What about making a call? Quite frankly, this is where the deal gets a bit confusing. We are not comfortable using this device as a calling gadget. You need a SEPARATE mobile phone for that purpose.

The Galaxy Note 2 comes with a mighty quad core processor, which offers swiftness and slickness. Both the attributes are necessary for the hour. There is no doubt that this device will be used mostly for playing games. And a powerful processor is very helpful. So, game on guys!

Another feature that needs to mention here is the S pen. The stylus does a wonderful job, but only for some fun tasks. Samsung has also added as few apps developed exclusively for the stylus. These apps enhance the appeal of the stylus and of course the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals are available with all the leading service providers in the UK mobile phone market. Of course, your comparison portal must be offering this handset. Log on to your favorite comparison portal to find the best deals. There is no need to spend a lot of time in the market, as the online comparison portals do a decent job.

3 million Galaxy Note 2 units old in one month

Apparently Samsung is not in a mood to allow anyone to come near its top position. After the massive success of its flagship model, the Galaxy S3, the South Korean telecommunication is relishing in the success of its phablet –the Galaxy Note 2. The 5.5” tablet computer is now present in 3 million pockets all over the world, and this has been achieved only in 37 days after its September release.

The brisk Galaxy Note 2 Deals sale implies in not just creation of a new category in the smartphone market, but also of popularity of the segment. When the first Note was released, there was distrusted in the market about its appeal. Still, the handset (if you call it one) sold decent units. Even many other manufacturers can be seen entering the newly-found category in the technology world.

The figure is not as astonishing as Galaxy S3 distant from Apple’s iPhone 5 sales, but it is still an achievement for the manufacturer, and for any smartphone in the phablet category. The initial Galaxy Note sold only 2million units 4 months after its debut (way more than the initial anticipations), thus the Note 2 is a sound success without a doubt. And with the holiday shopping season coming, many of you would aspire for this device.

So guys, what you do you think? Is the phablet category here to stay for a very long time ? And will more and more users will be tempted for a huge smartphone like this? Let us know through the comments section give below.

Samsung releases firmware update for Galaxy Note 2; enables split-screen multitasking

The Samsung Galaxy Note is definitely the most popular smartphone in the market. With the rich legacy of its predecessor, the handset is undoubtedly alluring Android fan boys from all walks of life. The display is even bigger than last version, and obviously an improved S pen has been included. Still, the manufacturer is doing all it can to keep users happy. The latest step being releasing a firmware upgrade for the phablet in question, which makes up for the critically-acclaimed split-screen multitasking feature.

Multi-View improves the multitasking abilities of the Galaxy Note 2, permitting users to run two applications on the display at the same time. Mind you, not every Android application is supported, though dissimilar to the Galaxy Note 10.1, where merely Samsung applications could be brought up to the panel, Multi-Window is supporting Google applications as well. For example, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and Talk are supported.

The upgrade version is XXALIJ1 arrives with a fresh baseband, as well as an upgrade to Google Chrome.

If you possess a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, go check for the fresh firmware from About device -> Software update. Whilst the update is downloaded, users can also do other tasks with the Multi-Window feature. Go check your handset now.

If you any of you have already downloaded the update, let us know if you have experienced any improvement in your smartphone through the comments section given below. Even if you have faced any problem with it, let us know about it.