3 million Galaxy Note 2 units old in one month

Apparently Samsung is not in a mood to allow anyone to come near its top position. After the massive success of its flagship model, the Galaxy S3, the South Korean telecommunication is relishing in the success of its phablet –the Galaxy Note 2. The 5.5” tablet computer is now present in 3 million pockets all over the world, and this has been achieved only in 37 days after its September release.

The brisk Galaxy Note 2 Deals sale implies in not just creation of a new category in the smartphone market, but also of popularity of the segment. When the first Note was released, there was distrusted in the market about its appeal. Still, the handset (if you call it one) sold decent units. Even many other manufacturers can be seen entering the newly-found category in the technology world.

The figure is not as astonishing as Galaxy S3 distant from Apple’s iPhone 5 sales, but it is still an achievement for the manufacturer, and for any smartphone in the phablet category. The initial Galaxy Note sold only 2million units 4 months after its debut (way more than the initial anticipations), thus the Note 2 is a sound success without a doubt. And with the holiday shopping season coming, many of you would aspire for this device.

So guys, what you do you think? Is the phablet category here to stay for a very long time ? And will more and more users will be tempted for a huge smartphone like this? Let us know through the comments section give below.