Verizon begins shipping of Nokia Lumia 822; Get ready for some Windows Phone 8 action

A number of confirmation e-mails sent to Verizon users’ display that the Windows Phone 8 running Nokia Lumia 822 has already left for their home. The affirmations display the delivery date for the smartphone as November 15th, which is the upcoming Thursday. There is a little hint that the grey-colored edition of the handset has not yet started shipping because of a few issues with supply, though this is only speculation at this instant.

Verizons website displays the Nokia Lumia 822 shipping date on November 13th. The thingy is $99.99 with a signed two years contract. The HTC 8X will start shipping by November 21st as per the Big Reds website, is priced at $199.99 on pact. The Nokia Lumia 822 is a Verizon exclusive. The smartphone is similar to the Nokia Lumia 820 though the Verizon variant offers a bigger capacity battery at 1800mAh Vs 1650, a 1.2MP front-viewing snapper against the 0.3MP camera on the frontage of the Nokia Lumia 820.

It is clear that Microsoft is striving to make a big push with Windows Phone 8, as it tries to compete with iOS and Android platforms, which are dominating the marketplace. The firm witnessed limited success with the Windows Phone 7, though a more flexible design endorsement will boost the numbers.
Nokia Lumia 822
We hope that Windows Phones gather some momentum in the market. And for consumers, the more options they had the better it is for them. But, the price has to be tempting enough to lure consumers from Android and iOS.

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