Rumor: LG Optimus G hitting US market shelves

LG Qualcomm has sent invites for a shared event scheduled to happen on September 19 in New York City. The invites states that the proposed event will be all about a new handset, and we expect the device to be none other than the US edition of the Optimus G.

The event is named Live Without Boundaries, though that does not actually provide us with much info about the character of the phone to be declared. Though there is still a significant hint to be found on the invite, which points to the fact that it could be the quad-core Krait-powered LG Optimus G.

The smartphone is already unveiled for the South Korean market, thus the official images are already available for our pleasure. If you utilize any of the image editing software to correct the invite’s photograph brighten up the shadows. In this manner, we can witness the smartphone present in the similar rear as the Optimus G. The most-telling proof is the loudspeaker grille position the texture on the rear.

Obviously, it might be a mere coincidence the South Korean mobile manufacturer could have some other product to declare. However, the probability of that is very less. Obviously, we will keep you updated about the event.

So guys, we have reached the end here. What do you think about this invitation from LG? Is Optimus G coming to US? Or the South Korean mobile maker has a new device for us? Let us know about your precious views through the comments section given below.