Apple earning fewer profits from iPad mini

Not to anyone’s surprise, Apple earned less in total profits in comparison with the quarter before. It seems like that could be a drift, as the telecommunication giant has also stated in the earnings call that the iPad mini is getting retailed at profit margins considerably lower the average Apple gadget.

Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated that though the tablet is getting retailed at a much better cost than direct rivals such as the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire, the slate’s gross margin is considerably less than the manufacturers average. Sadly, the American manufacturer did not explain this at all, thus we are left to guess.

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It appears sensible that the aluminum case of the tablet is more expensive than the rivals’ plastic and rubber casing. Apart from this, we are seeing trouble guessing the huge dissimilarities. Apple iPad mini uses a 2 year old processor; where as the Nexus Tegra is merely a year old. Both the Nexus Fire have tinier screens, though higher resolutions, thus the price of the screen might not be much different between them the iPad. Obviously, the Nexus Fire are both retailed at cost, whilst the iPad Mini will make something of a profit.

It must be noticed though that one of the major grievances against the Cupertino-based mobile phone maker has been that the firm overcharges strives to get as much profit from users as possible. Considering this report, and the reports that the manufacturer has collected fewer profits for the third quarter, some of you may argue that Tim Cook has begun to run the company his way.

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Apple and Microsoft all-set to battle it out; Surface and iPad mini hitting market soon

This week two technology giants are ready to go one-on-one with their new tablet PCs. Microsoft has left no stone unturned to convince the technology world that Surface is the best slate in the market, and is ready to organize an exclusive event on Thursday. Apple which is an infamously secretive firm, is striving to keep things under wraps before the official announcement. But, this does not deter dedicated rumor sites to speculate probable specs, and obviously exciting Apple fan boys.

The tablet PC market is pretty competitive, with Amazon offering Kindle Fire and Google’s homegrown Nexus 7 giving rivals a run for their money. Interestingly, both the devices cater to the 7-inch segment. The Cupertino-based brand must have sensed this opportunity, and probably desires to annex this territory as well, eliminating rivals brutally.

Anyway, the Surface seems like a bold product with a number of enhancements, such as the magnetic case that transforms into a keypad a premium body. There is no snapper the focus is clearly on Office software. This indicates that the Redmond-based giant pitches this more as a productivity tool, though there is also an absence of 3G connectivity. The major attraction is the Metro, which is the tile-based navigation interface, and is wonderfully configured. Pre-orders for this slate has been already labeled as sold out in the United States. It is being released along with Windows 8, which is Microsofts long due OS update, touted as the largest amendment in Windows history, substituting the memorable desktop with Metros tiles.

iPad Mini: 7-inch is the new sweet spot

As September creep closer, tech junkies all over the world fervently await the uncovering of a new iPhone, however for the first time, they are also eager to learn more about a smaller tablet, the iPad mini.

Usually majority of other Apple gossips take a sideline throughout iPhone season, however numerous leaks, coming from ‘sources near to the matter’ many other bloggers exaggeration have drawn iPad Mini rumors kicking screaming into the common user notice.

With nearly every probable source, except the Cupertino-based mobile manufacturer themselves, screaming loud about this slate, it appears that the slate is roughly surely being manufactured someplace in China preparing for a launch before the holiday season. But, the major question is: Will you buy one?

Is 7 inches insufficient for a slate? Are consumers willing to shell out approximately £300 on a gadget that does nothing more than a standard smartphone? Also, many would be tempted to own the 10-incher cheap iPad. What about the Android ecosystem? Mid-sized slates running Android OS have been accessible for quite a while now.

In spite of numerous 7-inch Android-running slates from the types of Samsung HTC failing miserably, the 5-inch Galaxy Note has been an unanticipated winner in latest months, with more than 10million units retailed since its release last year. Surely this displays a definite interest in screen bigger than bulk of smartphones, though lesser than a tablet.

It implies that users will like to own a device that they can operate on the move without having to sit down to use it effectively. Perhaps that’s why manufacturers are seeing opportunity here in this segment. And Apple entry could spell trouble for other manufacturers.