Google Play making news again; Wish lists Google Calendar app now available

The Google Play Store has become a huge source of tech-related news. The latest story is about a fresh wish list attribute that allows users to make a list of the applications users wish for. Just bookmark that application you are fascinated with, and it will automatically keep it on the wish list. Sadly, at this moment there is no method to send the wish list to your friend, who could buy all these applications for you.

Moreover, the wish list is not just restricted to applications. Users can include videos, songs eBooks to it. But remember that, this list is merely to remind users what they want to buy from the apps market.

One more news about the Google Play Store is about the Google calendar application which is accessible for users to install on their Android smartphone if they dont already possess it. Several Android-running variants, as users can expect, already comes with the stock Google calendar substituted by the OEM. The Google Calendar application also exists on a Nexus model.

Some of the added attributes consists of the capability to snooze events from a notification if they are not prepared to get up wish the alarm to go off afterwards. Users can enjoy Ill be late texts automatically propelled to the event members under some situations pinch-to-zoom can be utilized to move in out of a day. Finally, the Google calendar application permits users to set a home time zone to assist user to handle their intended events more competently whilst traveling. There are a few cautions. HTC smartphones do not seem to desire to work with the application users need to run Android v4.0.3 or higher.