HTC One X deals: All hail to the almighty!

The top-of-the line HTC One X is not shy about its credentials. Beautiful from outside and powerful from inside make this handset one of the most sought-after products in the smartphone market. Flaunting a mammoth 4.8” screen, it becomes impossible to ignore this handset. What’s more? The quad-core processor leaves no room for any complaints. And as it is the first quad-core handset accessible on the marketplace, it can be said that it will offer the finest results on all the benchmarks – superior than those offered by existing handsets with dual-core chips, anyways.

In comparison with the previous edition, HTCs UI Sense 4.0 fetches numerous smaller cosmetic enhancements; however the idea is roughly same. In comparison with the user interface of pure Android operating system v4.0, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has incorporated functionality to the lock-screen to permit the owner to instantly leap to the application of their preference. It also included numerous theme scenes through which the gadget can adjust itself to a definite kind of tech buff (for networking buff, traveler, gaming enthusiasts); the formation of up to 7 home screens is probable, the status bar has been refined.

HTC One X deals are available with all the prominent service providers in the UK mobile phone marketplace, such as Vodafone, Three, T-mobile, Orange, etc. these mobile plans are classified in three major formats, such as contracts, pay as you go and SIM-fr
ee. If you want to get these deals, head on to a comparison portal of your choice.