Buy HTC One V deals: Compact but impressive

HTC One V sports an exceptional curved-chin layout that makes it convenient to grasp a distinguishing accessory to your communication life. However, do not be deceived by its compacted dimensions. Similar to all these One series smartphones, it sports an inspiring list of attributes incorporating a best-in-class snapper.

With this snapper, users will never miss any precious moments, as they can click each moment with a snapper that kicks-up in beneath a second possess a zero shutter stoppage. You will never again have to decide between clicking a video or photographs. With Video Pic, users can do both the tasks simultaneously. And users will receive the most excellent photos even under the nastiest situations: low lighting, absence of light back light… None of these will create any trouble.

The fresh, included music experience makes it uncomplicated to entrée all of user’s music libraries, preferred audio applications Internet radio at the same time from one expedient position. And with Beats Audio integrated, users obtain wealthy and genuine sound. The 3.7” touchscreen is draped in a tough, metal uni-body with an exclusive curved-chin design. The size of the screen may seem inappropriate for a smartphone, but its suitable considering its affordable price tag.

With Dropbox included into HTC Sense, users can routinely put aside all of their photographs videos to Dropbox – entrée share all of user’s photographs straight from the Gallery. Dropbox too makes it uncomplicated to edit share files whilst users are on the move, thus users never have to mail themselves a document once more. You can Buy HTC One V deals from several online shopping portals. These portals also give you the facility to compare different deals. So folks, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a revolutionary smartphone like HTC One V.

Virgin to offer HTC One V in the US market

Whilst HTCs One V smartphone was already affirmed to hit the market shelves in the U.S. through several major carries, but we don’t know the name of these service providers until now. Virgin Mobile is the first network to offer the handset on contract for $199million, and the plans begin at $199 per month.

HTC One V flaunts a 1GHz Snapdragon S3 central processing unit, 3.7-inch touchscreen producing the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and obviously Beats Audio. The handset also sports a 5 MP back-illuminated snapper utilizing the Taiwanese mobile manufacturers ImageSense chipset, capable of clicking beautiful pictures while shooting 720p HD video. It also has Androids Ice Cream Sandwich OS right out of the box, and the Sense 4 UI overlay is also incorporated. Having the latest operating system is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of this superb device.

This smartphone may not be as strong as its mighty sibling the One X; however the inexpensive cost is the factor that pushes us to consider this device. With such a competitive price, this device promises to deliver latest technology to masses.

The Taiwanese mobile maker stated that it would bring the device through several partners in the US, and Virgin Mobile will be accompanied by many other carriers pretty soon. At the moment, simply head on to the Virgin Mobile website to get more details. Also keep an eye on the technology market. Of course, we will keep you updated on any further development.

Mobile World Congress: HTC declares the One X, One XL, One S One V, tech buffs surprised with so many options

HTC has officially declared their Mobile World Congress range of Android-running phones, so it’s time we inform our readers about these new handsets from the Taiwanese mobile maker. Obviously, the gadgets revealed are the HTC One X One XL, the mid range One S, the starter One V, and technology bloggers have known about these miracles for a very long time now. Lets begin with the most exhilarating handset.

HTC One X:
Yes, we know that this handset’s been leaked several times before but this time we have an official announcement of this handset. This handset possesses a 4.7 inch touchscreen, 8 MP snapper, 1 GB of RAM, etc. so unquestionably this smartphone is a great device to look forward to. Even the Taiwanese telecommunication giant has introduced a LTE variant of the One X, and if you are concerned that it will put strain on the CPU, there would be provision for extra power on this handset.

HTC One x


This handset is a variant of the One X, however there is a thing that makes it unique – LTE which clarifies the L in its name. The Snapdragon S4 dual-core processing unit clocked at 1.5GHz seems sufficient for the 4G network power needs, however different tests on its prowess will reveal the actual performance.

HTC one Xl

HTC One S and HTC One V:
This smartphone is the sleeker version of the One X, and the sleekness is accompanied by a less-powerful processor, however it is now clear that HTC is also taking the mid-range segment seriously. We are talking about the HTC One S, which comes packing a 4.3-inch screen and 8 MP snapper, and with low-expectations of consumers In this category it is certainly great option.

HTC One V is the entry-level handset, flaunting 3.7 inches touchscreen, single core 1GHz processor, however the biggest surprise is the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich on it.