Cheap BlackBerry phones: Ideal for budget-conscious consumers?

RIM has been involved with several astonishing smartphones, and has come a long way from designing handsets for corporate clients to becoming a company with huge losses, and is it makes sense if we look at some Blackberry Phones at the time when everyone is busy fondling their Android-running handsets? Whether it makes sense or not, we will list some exciting handsets from the house of the Canadian mobile phone manufacturer.

BlackBerry Curve 9380:

It is like we have already seen the BlackBerry Curve 9380, as it is an entirely distinguished approach to the Curve range like there isn’t any basis for parallels with previous devices in the lineup, however remembering the earlier BlackBerry OS 7-dependant phones we tested, will this device ring the bell?
Saving on the hardware powers is making sense even though – it is perfect to churn out an inexpensive price tag, however do not get extremely enthralled yet, the RIMs perceptive about cheap have forever been a lot dissimilar from the customary smartphone user opinions.
Hence, the new Curve 9380 is not the handset we have not witnessed until now, it is a downgrade on the existing smartphones, however is this actually possible that consumers will buy downgraded models? The fresh Curve 9380 feels tinier light weight, however still equally potent running the operating system 7 as smoothly as every other OS 7-dependant BlackBerry handset, and do not get anxious about the display its ppi, contrast sunlight-legibility are extremely great hence users will hardly feel the low screen resolution, do you want know anything else?

BlackBerry Bold 9790:

Blackberry Bold 9790 is power-driven by a distinguished central processing unit videos are one of the first aspects scrapped, further to make amendments, the handset has whats perhaps the most excellent BlackBerry still camera till now, and consumers prefer mobile phone camera over digital camera because of their portability. Both the display size resolution have suffered a reduction however we have not informed users about the best aspect yet, however the Bold 9790 appears not worse in comparison with the Bold 9900 is affordable too, however should we even bother to compare these devices belonging to different classes?
At the moment, the BlackBerry Bold 9790 does not possess the premium attributes of the flagship model however it does makes sense as a prospective substitute of the outdated Bold 9780, so is adding touchscreen to a classic parcel keep the BlackBerry experience up to date?

BlackBerry Bold 9900:

This mesmerizing handset comes with a snappy 1.2 GHz central processing unit, the fresh BlackBerry OS 7.0 with Liquid graphics, HD video, dual-band Wi-Fi and NFC support a super-crisp VGA touchscreen are no great news for the rivalry, and all these comes with the obvious BlackBerry package, and isn’t it obvious that every handset from the Canadian mobile phone maker comes with the obvious RIM attributes? The sturdy build-quality corporate grade e-mail data security impresses without saying anything, and the sharp accuracy of the track pad with the highly-responsive capacitive touchscreen maintains the equilibrium in a widget which is convincingly comfy to handle, although the operating systems from this company is still in beta stage.

BlackBerry Torch 9810:

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is essentially a Bold Touch with a slider for some added convenience, and the major lack is NFC however the Torch is a dissimilar breed, more probable to combine business with enjoyment, is this combination successful? Hence, the huge panel grants more reliability to its enhanced media skills, and one more crucial difference is the QWERTY keypad, anyway is handset safe from our criticism? We also liked the decent snapper, and people these days prefer the camera in their mobile phones rather than the digital camera as mobile phones are highly portable.

All of these devices are available with majority of the popular network operators in UK such as the Vodafone, Three, T-mobile, Virgin, Orange, and in every popular category like contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals, after reading about these affordable and benefiting mobile phones users will never feel like they need to visit the online world.

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