Apple and Microsoft all-set to battle it out; Surface and iPad mini hitting market soon

This week two technology giants are ready to go one-on-one with their new tablet PCs. Microsoft has left no stone unturned to convince the technology world that Surface is the best slate in the market, and is ready to organize an exclusive event on Thursday. Apple which is an infamously secretive firm, is striving to keep things under wraps before the official announcement. But, this does not deter dedicated rumor sites to speculate probable specs, and obviously exciting Apple fan boys.

The tablet PC market is pretty competitive, with Amazon offering Kindle Fire and Google’s homegrown Nexus 7 giving rivals a run for their money. Interestingly, both the devices cater to the 7-inch segment. The Cupertino-based brand must have sensed this opportunity, and probably desires to annex this territory as well, eliminating rivals brutally.

Anyway, the Surface seems like a bold product with a number of enhancements, such as the magnetic case that transforms into a keypad a premium body. There is no snapper the focus is clearly on Office software. This indicates that the Redmond-based giant pitches this more as a productivity tool, though there is also an absence of 3G connectivity. The major attraction is the Metro, which is the tile-based navigation interface, and is wonderfully configured. Pre-orders for this slate has been already labeled as sold out in the United States. It is being released along with Windows 8, which is Microsofts long due OS update, touted as the largest amendment in Windows history, substituting the memorable desktop with Metros tiles.

Apple iPhone 5: Sold out in the US

Apple is again dominating market thanks to the awe-inspiring sales of the latest iPhone. Though, there are a number of wrinkles.

Whilst the smartphone is virtually sold-out difficult to find, several early shoppers discovered a few things to grumble about, a secret attribute that astonished many.

Corporate conflict had the Cupertino-based manufacturer substituted Google Maps with its own maps attribute, several tech buffs has been complaining that the new Maps is inferior to Google’s one. Major complaints are incorrect directions the absence of local transit info. Users have been talking about their terrible experiences online. The manufacturer states it has just getting begun with Maps, the feature will enhance in the future.

Apple iPhone 5 is available with three service providers in the US market – Sprint, ATT and Verizon Wireless is not expected to be interchangeable amongst their different networks. But, it is reported that the Verizon edition of the smartphone supports the ATT. Apparently, the Verizon iPhone 5 recognizes an ATT SIM card a chipset that makes out a thingy to a network. The phone can then get started on ATTs network.

Many stores in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio has reported that the iPhone has been sold out for ATT and Verizon. A few units of the iPhone for Sprint are available. Anyway, the handset retails for $399 with a two year contract, an increase from the entry level $199 with 16GB of memory space a two year contract.

IFA: Windows 8 hybrid tablets steal the show

Until now, Apple has easily reigned over the tablet computers market. But, Android has slowly whittled down its share. But, the real threat will come from Microsoft and not Android.

This is exactly what we are seeing at the ongoing IFA event in Germany. Several manufacturers have unveiled several tablet/laptop hybids. And, these devices are not restricted by being tied to any Application store, marketplace, or Play Store. These gadgets run full Windows 8 come with all of the necessary freedoms. In addition, these are tablets that bear the Windows name.

Apple is a leader, though it should be noted that Microsoft still leads the PC market by a huge margin. Windows come with an impressive quantity of users, when these individuals require a new computer, they could go for these hybrid devices. These upcoming hybrid devices can be counted as laptops, as slates, or maybe they should be placed in a fresh segment. Thus, it would be very difficult and confusing to calculate the overall sales.

Moreover, Apple has never cared about the numbers. Thanks to its thick profit margin, the Cupertino-based tablet maker can manage with low market share. Perhaps Apple will become the eye-candy of elite class only. It’s a fact that consumers are ready to spend an extra amount for an Apple product even when the product is not the best one around.

But, it would be too early to say anything. Let’s just wait for the buyer’s response to these new tablets/laptops hybrids.

Apple attains highest U.S. Market Value, rides high on iPhone anticipation

Apple iPhone 4s had made a record for market value in the US; exceeding the high mark accomplished by Microsoft in the Internet prime, on optimism that the upcoming variant of the iPhone will accomplish strong demand.

The shares of the American MNC mounted 2.6% to $665.15 at the close up in New York, with the market value of $623.5billion. That surpassed Microsoft’s $616.3billion concluding market value on Dec. 27, 1999, as per the data collected by SP Dow Jones Indices LLC.

Apple is planning to initiate the next version of the iPhone on Sept. 12 in what could be a design revamp of its high-end smartphone, two individuals with knowledge of the firm’s preparations stated in July. The iPhone 5 “could be the most notable product overhaul in the manufacturer’s history” they will possibly retail as many as 250million units, as per some analysts at FBR Capital Markets.

With this lineup Apple has effectively made a strong fan following in a totally huge souk. This company also has captured the hearts minds of tech buffs all over the world.

Apple extracts roughly 70% of its profit from its smartphones. Their stock prices have mounted from about an average of 11% in the last 2 months before earlier iPhone upgrades have been made available.

The highly-anticipated iPhone 5 will flaunt a bigger display slimmer body, is anticipated to work with swifter, long term evolution wireless networks being brought in by networks like ATT and Verizon Wireless. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Apple: Samsung deliberately imitated iPhone

Ger prepared for another round of legal tussle between Apple and its arch nemesis, Samsung. This time layers at Cupertino-based mobile phone maker state that internal documents disclose that the South Korean firm has mimicked the iPhone.

On Tuesday, a lawyer working for Apple informed jurors that internal Samsung docs reveal that the Asian giant made a choice to imitate the iPhone since they were not able to contend in the smartphone market on their own.

The allegation has arrived in opening statements in the high profile US court conflict between Apple Samsung. Both the firms are among the biggest consumers electronics companies on the planet, and are engaged in legal battles in many countries blaming each other of patent breaches. These court battles can be touted as part of their strategies to maintain dominance in the lucrative smartphone market.

Harold McElhinny, the lawyer for Apple, displayed slides of previous Samsung handsets from 2206 then evaluated them to the company’s 2010 devices. As per McElhinny, the major question is how they moved to the existing smartphones design. He also stated that it’s very easy to imitate rather than innovate. It seems that the tussle between the two telecommunications giant is going to get pretty interesting shortly. Anyway, the South Korean giants opening statement is anticipated to start later on Tuesday.

We would also like to know your views on this matter. Is this a case of barefaced copying of design? Let us know about your views through the comments section given below.

Apple accepts Siri flaws; says working on it

It seems like Tim Cook is also aware of Siri’s flaws. In an interview the CEO of Apple stated that consumers just love this feature. He also said that it is actually the show-stealer feature on the smartphone. But, he isn’t content with how things are right now. It seems that we will soon a number of improvements on Siri.

Actually, he was replying to a blunt question asked by the interviewer about one of the most popular attribute on the smartphone. Interviewer cleverly pointed out that sometime Siri simply fails, and what’s in store for us in the future.

So, is this good news? Yes, indeed it is a breath of fresh air. At least, we can expect things to improve in the near future. All of us have used and commended the level of excitement Siri brings to our shores. Any improvement is always welcome. Anyway, Apple acknowledging consumer displeasure and willingness to work upon it is also commendable. It’s very natural to expect such measures from a brand like Apple, and they understand this fact.

Cook went on to say that he sees great potential in Siri and tech buffs will be truly delighted with the next version of it. Tim cook also touted iPhone 4S as the best smartphone in the market. So, it seems like we have hit the end here folks. What do you think about Apple considering a major overhaul of their personal digital assistant Siri? Drop your view via our comments section below.

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Apple Samsung enjoy monopoly over the mobile phone market

It should not come as a surprise. Samsung and Apple control most of the mobile phone market at the moment, leaving nothing for its competitors. Tracking the markets different companies, Asymco analyst Horace Dediu discovered that Apple currently controls 73% of all operating profits, and Samsung 26%, followed by HTC with only 1% of the total operating profits.

A few mobile phone manufacturers, such as Motorola Sony Ericsson, have not earned a profit for quite a while now. LG is breaking even since 2009. BlackBerry Nokia haven’t been able to reclaim their former traction, as they are being hit hard by the intense opposition from other handset makers. However the industry itself stays strong. First-quarter profits increased to $14.4b from $5.4b in two years only. Obviously, the majority of that is being grasped by Apple.

Surprisingly, despite the mounting demand for smartphones, a number of mobile manufacturers are still faring pretty well by retailing the good conventional feature phones, a lot of these are unbranded unlicensed goods.

Generally with a price tag of US$30 or less, these handsets are considered sufficient by a vast number of users, particularly in developing nations. These low-priced, knock-off handsets are setting pressure on firms, like Nokia, who have been slow to adapt to the requirements of the smartphone market, and also failing to generate sufficient money from their inexpensive feature phones.

Hence, we are left with a marketplace where Apple Samsung are enjoying monopoly. Do you think this situation will ever change? Let us know in the comments section below.