Android growth hurting Apple; could set a major setback to iOS in near future

The Android operating system is present in about three out of four mobile phone sold worldwide in the present quarter as the OS dominated the marketplace, as per industry trackers at IDC.

Android is one of the main growth engines of the smart phone marketplace since its launch in 2008. This is the words of IDCs mobile phones research manager Ramon Llamas.

In the tablet computers market as well, Apples market share has decreased to merely over 50% from 65% in the Q2 as Android gizmos gain momentum, as per IDC numbers.

Stephen Baker stated that Android is benefited by having several individuals developing a lot of things at different price points with multiple companies makes a huge difference.

Android smart phones shipments increased to 136m illion, beating those in the similar quarter in 2011 by somewhat more than 90 percent, as per IDC.

Samsung Galaxy S3 passed the iPhone 4S in Q3 to become the biggest-selling device in the smartphone market all over the world, which signifies the importance of Android among consumers.

The speed of innovation is better in Android than its rivals, as they are trying really hard to beat the competition, and Apple is visibly behind them in this area.

Android is also in a better position as it’s an open source operating system that manufacturer can utilize free of any charge modify as per their wish, giving the search giant insights along the way.

On the other hand, Apple strictly monitors all of its gadgets in every step, and even their apps store.

Windows to surpass Android by 2015

Taiwan-based analyst TrendForce states Windows-running slates will overhaul Androids marketplace share by 2015, due to the attendance of Microsoft Office on the tablets running on the platform.

The forecast can be discovered in a report prepared by an analyst Eric Chiou from TrendForce named 2010-2015 Market Shares of Tablet PC Operating System.The forecast has been released by WitsView, one of TrendForces sub brands that specializes in screen technologies their makers. Chiou informed that the forcasts are somewhat dependant on “tracking slate shipments panel shipments”.

Chiou also stated that Windows 8 slate’s integration of business software like Office will not merely distinguish it from the majority of other entertainment-oriented slates, though also permit it to successfully gaining a piece of Apple Android gadgets market shares.

Windows 8 slates will not, though, affect the market share of the Cupertino-based telecommunication giant, but will leave some influence. Android, though, could be badly affected. The reason is that Android-running devices can’t match the Cupertino-based mobile phone makers efficient hardware or content offers.

The search giant start to develop more content do some hardware and software enhancements, but the patent tussle with the Cupertino-based mobile phone maker is expected to make some long-term challenges for Google. Microsoft also needs to develop a large content ecosystem, if they want to succeed in the battle for the market share in the tablet computers market.

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