UK Mobile Network EE finally gets HTC One SV

The UK high speed mobile broadband infrastructure will begin to get in shape correctly next week, when Ofcoms 4G sale will get bidders for the fresh LTE spectrum prior to the wider roll out.

Till then, it is still very much EEs party, the United Kingdom exclusive 4G network operator appears intent on making the most of its advantaged place, increasing its handset lineup with the inclusion of the HTC One SV.

Agreements for the HTC One SV on EE began at £36 for each month for a two years contract featuring a free device 500 MB of data a fairly modest grant that majority of users will burn through rapidly given super fast downloading speeds. Increase the amount to £46 each month users can relish in a healthier sounding 3GB to have fun with.

All EE plans come with unlimited calls texts, though the tariffs still appear on the steep side considering that it is surely a mid range phone option.

Released in December 2012, the One SV is related to the HTC One S, which was launched in April 2012. The fresh model includes 4G connectivity a micro SD card slot, although other features are downgraded: the touchscreen resolution (800 x 480 pixels Vs 960 x 540 pixels, in that order), camera lens (5 megapixel Vs 8 megapixel), internal memory space (8GB Vs 16GB) are all clear compromises.

The HTC One SV flaunts a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip clocking at 1.2GHz, also sports Beats Audio improvements Near Field Communication technology.