EE decreases 4G cost, offers Lumia 920 at discounted price

If you have been thinking about moving to the Nokia Lumia 920 for an opportunity to play with super fast 4G, then it recently got less expensive thanks to a plethora of fresh price plans from EE.
The network operator earlier called Everything Everywhere has declared lots of new 4G EE price plans which will begin from 31st January (though will merely stay around until 31st March).

You will be able to lay your hands on a fresh package, beginning at £31 each month on a twenty four months deal (which comprises of unlimited UK calls messages, 500 MB of free mobile data usage the facility to lay your hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820). In simple words, that is a fancy smartphone with a swift connection with a saving of £90 on current EE plans.

EE are also releasing a fresh SIM Only 12 months 8 GB deal for £41 each month as well as a fresh Super User deal that gives 20 GB of mobile data, which will be priced at £46 each month.
With 4G becoming accessible in several markets shortly, there will be a load of plans to take into account, though for the time being, it does not seem too bad at all if you are desperate to begin utilizing 4G get yourself a new smartphone.

So guys, what do you think about the new plans from EE? Use the comments section given below to express your views.

Verizon begins shipping of Nokia Lumia 822; Get ready for some Windows Phone 8 action

A number of confirmation e-mails sent to Verizon users’ display that the Windows Phone 8 running Nokia Lumia 822 has already left for their home. The affirmations display the delivery date for the smartphone as November 15th, which is the upcoming Thursday. There is a little hint that the grey-colored edition of the handset has not yet started shipping because of a few issues with supply, though this is only speculation at this instant.

Verizons website displays the Nokia Lumia 822 shipping date on November 13th. The thingy is $99.99 with a signed two years contract. The HTC 8X will start shipping by November 21st as per the Big Reds website, is priced at $199.99 on pact. The Nokia Lumia 822 is a Verizon exclusive. The smartphone is similar to the Nokia Lumia 820 though the Verizon variant offers a bigger capacity battery at 1800mAh Vs 1650, a 1.2MP front-viewing snapper against the 0.3MP camera on the frontage of the Nokia Lumia 820.

It is clear that Microsoft is striving to make a big push with Windows Phone 8, as it tries to compete with iOS and Android platforms, which are dominating the marketplace. The firm witnessed limited success with the Windows Phone 7, though a more flexible design endorsement will boost the numbers.
Nokia Lumia 822
We hope that Windows Phones gather some momentum in the market. And for consumers, the more options they had the better it is for them. But, the price has to be tempting enough to lure consumers from Android and iOS.

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Lumia 820: Nokia’s latest bet on Windows Phone 8 , Nokia Lumia 820 release date uk

The second handset to come from Nokia’s kitty is the Lumia 820. This smartphone comes with a smaller display than the new Flagship 920 and also lacks some of the cool new attributes, though offers the same exciting experience.

Nokia Lumia 820 flaunts an enormous 4.3-inch AMOLED screen of WVGA resolution (sadly no HD), which uses the ClearBlack technology. The handset does possess the similar super sensitive touch, which permits users to use the handset even with gloves, though lacks the PureMotion HD+ fun.

The smartphone utilizes the similar polycarbonate uni-body layout will come with optional protective shells. Of course, the handset runs Windows Phone 8, which happens to the latest in the WP platform. You also get the same Qualcomm S4 chipset as seen on the 920, along with the dual core Krait CPU with 1GB RAM. The Finnish mobile maker claims it to be 30% more power-efficient in comparison with the rival quad-core CPUs. And a 1650mAh battery is present under the hood.

It also supports wireless charging, and comes with 8GB of internal memory space, 7GB of Sky Drive cloud storage. Dissimilar to earlier WP smartphones, there is a memory expansion slot, which is commendable.

What the Lumia 820 lacks is the PureView camera technology, though it arrives with Carl Zeiss lens the 8MP sensor. The LTE connectivity is also present, accompanied by the fresh exhilarating NFC-dependant attributes of Windows Phone 8. The handset is expected to come in different exciting color options.

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Nokia Lumia 920: It’s do or die for Nokia, Lumia 920 release date

It’s finally here! After several rounds of rumors Nokia and Microsoft has unveiled its highly-anticipated smartphone, the Lumia 920. As we were anticipating, it is the first Lumia PureView smartphone.

This smartphone clearly seems similar to the Lumia 900, though arrives with a larger 4.5-inch 720p PureMotionHD+ screen, with curvaceous glass layered on it. It is power-driven by the Snapdragon S4 chip with a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait CPU Renado 225 Graphic Processor Unit.

The screen is something the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is actually proud of. It is named as Pure Motion HD+ its display color brightness will amend itself automatically, as per the lighting situations. If you have expected an AMOLED display though, you will be let down.

Lumia 920 camera sports the PureView branding, however it has an 8 MP sensor only. It provides an exciting new image stabilization named as floating lens, which is claimed to very effectual in comparison with the optical image stabilization on several digital cameras. Other add-ons include Carl Zeiss optics, full HD video recording an LED flash.

Remaining specifications include Near Field Commiunication, LTE connectivity, 32GB storage capacity along with 7GB SkyDrive cloud storage 1GB RAM. The smartphone weighs 185g, supports merely micro-SIM cards does not have a micro SD card slot.

Obviously, you get the latest Windows phone 8 operating system, will arrive with several fresh services, revamped Nokia Drive maps, enhanced hubs system applications. The last characteristic worth mentioning is the included wireless charging feature. The smartphone will hit the market shelves in glossy, white, yellow and black colors. Sadly, the price and availability is yet to be announced.

Nokia to revamp their marketing tactics

If something fails to work out, the best way is to leave it and find something new. Nokia seems to understand this, and has decided to alter its marketing strategies with the unveiling of its first Windows Phone 8 release. The fresh plan is to begin a partnership to present a fresh smartphone on the network of only one or two European service providers. It is also stated that the Finnish telecommunication giant has had clandestine negotiations with several networks including France Telecom, however no deal has been decided at the moment. An additional network that is expected to be involved is Deutsche Telekom.

Nokias present marketing policy floods all distribution channels with their smartphones, hence pushing their products to get into as many hands as feasible. The fresh plan is to enter into contracts with a network or two that would carry Nokias products. At first, the Finnish mobile phone maker would reach a deal with no more than one or two networks in Europe, will give the carriers a financial stake in the achievement of the smartphone. This step is necessary to give the networks an incentive to force the new model endorse it heavily. This tactic has been applied on the flagship Lumia 900 in the United States with ATT was content with the outcome although merely 330,000 units of the Lumia lineup were retailed in the US. That number incorporated sales of the Lumia 710, retailed exclusively in the United States by T-Mobile.

Nokia PureView up for grabs in the US

Some weeks back it was reported that Nokia is planning to retail the 808 PureView in the United States through At the moment, the smartphone is available on Amazon is being retailed for $699 without any contract unlocked.

As is with any unlocked GSM handset in the United States, uses will be able to utilize this handset with an ATT or T-Mobile SIM. Whilst the cost seems excessively high in comparison with some of the other marketplaces where this smartphone is retailed, particularly for the United States marketplace where consumers are accustomed to shelling out no more than $200 on a smartphone on an agreement. Still, it is the only method for consumers willing to purchase this handset for its snapper.

Rumors: Nokia 808 Pureview to hit UK on June 30

Amazon United Kingdom might have leaked the launch date of Nokia 808 Pureview, quoting the ending of this month for the phones accessibility. As per the product pages for both the white black 808 Pureview versions, the handset will be accessible from Saturday June 30.

We have already heard several release date gossips surrounding the 808 Pureview, and the most recent one suggested that the 41MP snapper touting mobile phone will come on June 21 – which clearly turned out to be incorrect.
Along with a striking snapper, the 808 Pureview will land flaunting a huge 4” AMOLED screen, 1.3GHz single-core CPU, 512MB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory space, Global Positioning System, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi will work on the Symbian Belle OS. Everything looks great in the hardware department.

However, it will not be cheap, with Amazon offering the Nokia 808 Pureview at £499.98. This might put a lot of users off, particularly when the phone runs the now damned Symbian OS, which gives little in the form of applications. It would be interesting to see how consumers will react to a handset with a revolutionary snapper but a dying OS. Perhaps some photography buffs would consider purchasing this device, but that would not transform into a decent sales figure. It is also rumored that the PureView technology could hit Windows Phone platform as well.

There is still no official confirmation from the Finnish mobile manufacturer. We will keep you informed about all the latest updates about this upcoming smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 610 slated for a June release in UK

Nokia disclosed late on Thursday that the Lumia 610 – the latest member of its affordable Windows Phone lineup – will hit the market shelves in the United Kingdom in the first week of June.

Nokia Lumia 610 will be offered by O2, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones4U. If you want contracts, then plans start at £15 per month. Also, it is expected that an unlocked version will also be made available. This handset is the most affordable WP-running device in the market.

This smartphone was first displayed at MWC in February. It follows on from the Finnish mobile makers first affordable WP-running smartphine, the Lumia 710. It can also run Microsofts smartphone operating system in spite of being outfitted with an 800 MHz CPU 256 MB of RAM, although these specs are modest by present days standards.

The Lumia 610 sports all the customary smartphone enhancements, such as HSPA connectivity, a 3.7” Gorilla Glass panel at 480800 pixels resolution, and a 5 MP snapper. It comes with Windows Phone 7.5, called as Mango, and supports Wi-Fi tethering.

Possibly more significantly for Nokias long-term prospect, the Lumia 610 includes network and language competence for China, implying that the tormented Finnish mobile phone manufacturer can offer this low-cost Windows Phone in the biggest smartphone market on the planet as well. Some days back, it was reported that Nokia Lumia series is getting stronger in the Chinese handset market. Now, let’s see how consumers in the UK market respond to Lumia 610.

Nokia Lumia 710 deals: strike in the middle?

Nokia Lumia 710 has a very tough task at its hand, as the new brainchild of the Nokia-Microsoft joint venture is the budget-friendly option in the lineup, it will attempt to attract first time smartphone consumers, whilst rivaling the approaching Windows Phone establishment in the form of HTC and Samsung, do you think Nokia will be the only true maker of smartphones on Windows Phone platform?
Whilst the chic Nokia Lumia 800 is obviously the center of more concentration for its imposing build & superior attributes, the Lumia 710 is anticipated to sell in superior numbers & possibly bring advanced profits, even from a business viewpoint, the handset is even more vital than its flagship sibling, although the platform seems completely in beta stage. You should not take the affordable reference to Nokia Lumia 710 at face-value, since Microsofts severe hardware needs for the Windows Phone platform, the handset has the similar 1.4 GHz Scorpion Central Processing Unit & 512 MB of RAM as the Lumia 800, thus showing almost smooth handling, and should we think that Microsoft should be somewhat lenient?

Nokia Lumia 710 deals are available with all leading service providers in the United Kingdom mobile phone market, such as Vodafone, Three, Orange, O2, and in every major category such as contract, pay as you go and SIM-free deals, and thanks to the inexpensive and astonishing mobile phone plans users will never feel like they need to visit the online world. Users can buy these deals through online channels, and anyway where else could they move to?

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 800 Pink

Nokia Lumia 800 White

Some Lumia smartphones facing loss of data connectivity, early adopters to suffer?

Being an early on adopter of any smartphone is irritating. These users have to put up with all the troubles that the initial batch of the smartphone might have whilst anticipating these problems will be amended finally. This is accurate of the Lumia 900 owners as well, as they are suffering a rather problematic situation of their data connectivity fading on their fresh new LTE device, so should they repent buying this product?.

Some are trying to avert this problem by restoring the factory settings, and some are still stuck with the problems related to the connectivity. Sadly, it seems like the Beta test isn’t over yet.