Nintendo uncovers the Wii mini; affordable with a few compromises

Only yesterday, there was rumors on internet that Nintendo is aspiring to make a new Wii. And this product will be smaller, less expensive, and more compact. It does no take much for the rumors to come true, as Nintendo’s has lastly uncovered it, named the Wii Mini.

It will be accessible from December 7, and the package will comprise of a red Wii Remote Plus a Nunchuk controller. The console is more flat-rested, which must be disappointing for the vertical admirers. Sadly, it will not support GameCube games such as the newest Wii. It will also lack the capability to connect to web for Virtual Console or Wii Ware gaming titles.

The absence of online support is strange considering the Japanese major’s policy to be more online-friendly as we’ve seen in the Wii U. perhaps, this device is aimed at consumers who haven’t ever used a gaming console before, or only desires an affordable Wii. At the moment, Nintendo has not hinted anything if it will be accessible outside of the Canadian market in its press release. Only thing that we are certain of is its reasonable price tag. It will be offered for $99 in Canada.

There are some reports that the Japanese gaming giant has no intentions of releasing the Wii mini in the UK. Their complete focus in on the newly-launched Wii U. Also, no one in the UK will settle for a gaming console with no online support. Still, if any of you believes otherwise, please let us know through the comments section below.

Google Play making news again; Wish lists Google Calendar app now available

The Google Play Store has become a huge source of tech-related news. The latest story is about a fresh wish list attribute that allows users to make a list of the applications users wish for. Just bookmark that application you are fascinated with, and it will automatically keep it on the wish list. Sadly, at this moment there is no method to send the wish list to your friend, who could buy all these applications for you.

Moreover, the wish list is not just restricted to applications. Users can include videos, songs eBooks to it. But remember that, this list is merely to remind users what they want to buy from the apps market.

One more news about the Google Play Store is about the Google calendar application which is accessible for users to install on their Android smartphone if they dont already possess it. Several Android-running variants, as users can expect, already comes with the stock Google calendar substituted by the OEM. The Google Calendar application also exists on a Nexus model.

Some of the added attributes consists of the capability to snooze events from a notification if they are not prepared to get up wish the alarm to go off afterwards. Users can enjoy Ill be late texts automatically propelled to the event members under some situations pinch-to-zoom can be utilized to move in out of a day. Finally, the Google calendar application permits users to set a home time zone to assist user to handle their intended events more competently whilst traveling. There are a few cautions. HTC smartphones do not seem to desire to work with the application users need to run Android v4.0.3 or higher.

A look at the expected features of the upcoming Android v4.2

As the unveiling of the next Nexus phone Android edition, rumors are increasingly revealing the details of both the operating system the widget. Still, no one can authenticate them.

As per the latest report from Android and me, the Android 4.2 will arrive with Android customization center, project road runner, improved Google Now, refurbished stock video player a fresh Play Store.

As we discussed earlier, Android customization center appears to be an answer to deal with maker customizations. Instead of the default system-wide addition of custom user interface, we will get some room, where manufacturers could offer added attributes, themes, language packs, widgets, sounds, etc. Whilst, it would be necessary for Nexus makers to use this, since they have to fulfill the obligations of providing stock Android experience customization center will be the mere place where they can include their own material, though the usual retail units won’t essentially arrive with stock Android.

Coming to Project Roadrunner, same as the Project Butter user interface smoothness, the search giant has enhanced the battery life of Android smartphones in Android 4.2 with Project Roadrunner. If this is correct, this is definitely a welcome enhancement for all Android fans.

We will also get an improved edition of Google Now in Android 4.2; Android Me is claiming that this enhanced Google Now can reply to phone FAQs.

Other alterations are anticipated in Google Play the stock video player. Video player is supposedly receiving a huge revamp will arrive with fresh APIs for other video services to tie in.

The Android v4.2 is hoped to be unveiled in October at AllThingsD’s Dive into Mobile conference.

HTC takes on Nokia, unveils new Windows Phone 8 handsets

HTC has decided to go one-on-one with Nokia by uncovering two fresh brilliantly-colored phones that have been selected as “signature” Windows Phone 8 smartphones by the Redmond-based software giant.

The Taiwanese mobile phone maker has been under pressure from decreasing incomes as it fights in the Android-running market with Samsung. So, betting on an alternative is makes sense for them. The smartphones will be offered from November on different networks all over the world.

The two HTC phones – the Windows Phone 8X the Windows Phone 8S – will place them straight against the Finnish mobile maker, who earlier in September also released two colorful Windows Phone variants.

Both manufacturers have been hindered from placing their devices on sale or even declaring prices since Microsoft hasn’t officially declared the Windows Phone 8 operating system; that will not occur before the ending of October, along the release of the fresh Windows 8 desktop tablet OS.

Similar to the Finnish manufacturer, HTC has to generate enough revenues from is new lineup of smartphones to survive in the smartphone market, where Apple and Samsung already control half of the total smartphone shipments. The latest iPhone from the Cupertino-based telecommunication giant has alaredy been touted successful, with Apple bragging 2 million pre-orders. And now the handset has been launched, HTC will not have easy to gain some traction. However the Asian giant is expecting some help from Microsoft’s marketing.

What you guys think about these new smartphones? Let us know about your views through the comments section given below.

Windows to surpass Android by 2015

Taiwan-based analyst TrendForce states Windows-running slates will overhaul Androids marketplace share by 2015, due to the attendance of Microsoft Office on the tablets running on the platform.

The forecast can be discovered in a report prepared by an analyst Eric Chiou from TrendForce named 2010-2015 Market Shares of Tablet PC Operating System.The forecast has been released by WitsView, one of TrendForces sub brands that specializes in screen technologies their makers. Chiou informed that the forcasts are somewhat dependant on “tracking slate shipments panel shipments”.

Chiou also stated that Windows 8 slate’s integration of business software like Office will not merely distinguish it from the majority of other entertainment-oriented slates, though also permit it to successfully gaining a piece of Apple Android gadgets market shares.

Windows 8 slates will not, though, affect the market share of the Cupertino-based telecommunication giant, but will leave some influence. Android, though, could be badly affected. The reason is that Android-running devices can’t match the Cupertino-based mobile phone makers efficient hardware or content offers.

The search giant start to develop more content do some hardware and software enhancements, but the patent tussle with the Cupertino-based mobile phone maker is expected to make some long-term challenges for Google. Microsoft also needs to develop a large content ecosystem, if they want to succeed in the battle for the market share in the tablet computers market.

So, guys what do you think about it? Please let us know about your views through the comments section given below.

Rumor: LG Optimus G hitting US market shelves

LG Qualcomm has sent invites for a shared event scheduled to happen on September 19 in New York City. The invites states that the proposed event will be all about a new handset, and we expect the device to be none other than the US edition of the Optimus G.

The event is named Live Without Boundaries, though that does not actually provide us with much info about the character of the phone to be declared. Though there is still a significant hint to be found on the invite, which points to the fact that it could be the quad-core Krait-powered LG Optimus G.

The smartphone is already unveiled for the South Korean market, thus the official images are already available for our pleasure. If you utilize any of the image editing software to correct the invite’s photograph brighten up the shadows. In this manner, we can witness the smartphone present in the similar rear as the Optimus G. The most-telling proof is the loudspeaker grille position the texture on the rear.

Obviously, it might be a mere coincidence the South Korean mobile manufacturer could have some other product to declare. However, the probability of that is very less. Obviously, we will keep you updated about the event.

So guys, we have reached the end here. What do you think about this invitation from LG? Is Optimus G coming to US? Or the South Korean mobile maker has a new device for us? Let us know about your precious views through the comments section given below.

Amazon uncovers new Kindles, competition set to heat up

Amazon has uncovered four new Kindle Fire slates, including one with an enormous display, as the company looks to compete with Apple and Google for a share in the intensely competitive tablet PC market.

The world’s largest online retailer displayed its latest offerings amid anticipations that Apple will bring in a smaller iPad this month. The largest Kindle Fire will come with displays measuring 8.9-inch (22.6cm) diagonally, in comparison with 9.7-inch (24.6cm) for the iPad. The basic variant of the bigger Fire will retail for $299, or 100$ less than the most Cheapest iPad.

Apple has maintained a monopoly over the tablet computer market for quite a while now. And tablets running Android OS have failed to make an impression in the past. But, things could change with the Kindles. Amazon is selling these tablets at trivial profit margins to augment the sales of digital content.

Anyway, the basic 7” variant will retail for $159, which is pretty tempting. The retailer claims it to be 40% swifter, and come with better battery life two times the storage capacity.

As stated above, the online retailer has also unveiled a bigger Kindle Fire. The high-end tablet comes with two Wi-Fi channels two internal antennas for swifter, smoother transfers. It will sport 16GB memory space. The 8.9-inch variant will retail for $299 and hit the market shelves on $299. The smaller 7-inch version will retail for $199 only, beginning next Friday. You can watch movies in 720p on 7” edition and 1080p on the bigger one.

A premium Kindle Fire HD model is also coming, with the capability to connect to 4G networks, and will retail for $499. Its specifications include 32GB of memory space and 8.9-inch screen.

But, Apple is not the only threat Amazon has to deal with. Google is also a strong competitor with its 7-incher Android slate known as the Nexus 7. Samsung also retails several tablets running on the Android platform, and has just released Galaxy Note 10.1. In addition, Barnes Noble Inc. also offers the Nook tablet, which works on a customized Android operating system. So, Amazon won’t have a smooth ride for sure.

The online seller also revamped its range of e-book readers. Named as Paperwhite, the fresh ebook reader comes with a black-and-white display and a light source. This tablet promises 8 weeks of battery life, even when the light is on. It will cost $119, beginning October 1.

IFA 2012 highlights: Major announcements till now

The IFA 2012 event is all what we want it to be, but many of you must have missed some of the highlights. So, we have decided to take a look back at some of the major announcements.


Samsung was the first manufacturer to make some remarkable announcements, and you guessed it right, we are talking about the Galaxy Note 2. Quite predictably, the South Korean mobile manufacturer also uncovered the Galaxy Camera, which flaunts a remarkably hefty touch screen on the rear shielded by the Cornings Gorilla Glass 2.

The Asian giant also unveiled the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Ativ S. It was accompanied by three slates with keyboard docks Ativ Smart PC, Ativ Smart PC Pro and the Ativ Tab.


Another Asian manufacturer to make some big official announcements was the Japanese mobile manufacturer, Sony. We got to see the new Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia J and Xperia V. Two tablets were also uncovered the Android-running Xperia Tablet S the Windows 8 running Vaio DUOS 11. Surprisingly, Sony also released its new mirror less camera, the NEX-5R.


LG offered users to see the Optimus L9, but we were disappointed to not see the quad-core Optimus G.


The Taiwanese mobile phone maker introduced a new member to its Desire lineup, the Desire X.


Acer also released three fresh ICS-powered Android handsets, the Gallant Duo, the Liquid Gallant, and the Cloud Mobile. In the tablet PC segment, the manufacturer showcased Iconia Tab A700 with Full HD panel.

IFA 2012: Europe to get Samsung’s 75-inch LED TV

At the ongoing IFA event, Samsung has releases the striking 75” ES9000 LED Smart TV for the European market. And pricing for the UK market is roughly £8,000. Apart from the mammoth-size display, you also get a gorgeous rose-gold finishing a super-sleek 7.9mm bezel with no noticeable seams. Also present is an incorporated webcam in attendance at the top of the panel which slides out of sight whenever you do not want it.

As you can guess from the name, the most recent Samsung Smart TV attributes are available as well. For instance, you get Smart Content, Smart Interaction, Smart Evolution, etc. But, there’s more than these obvious features.

This gadget comes with both voice and gesture controls with the facility to share media across numerous gizmos. Also there is web access in several flavors applications support, such as the now compulsory Angry Birds, which also comes with gesture controls. As more detailed specs are concerned, the South Korean mobile maker is keeping things under wraps for now. Perhaps Samsung will disclose more info soon.

In the meantime, if the Samsung ES9000 LED Smart TV is simply a tad too expensive for you, there is a slightly more inexpensive Samsung ES8000 LED Smart TV. But, here you get only 65-inches screen size.

So guys, what’s your take on this huge screen size? Do you think this is too big? Or you would like to purchase one? Let us know about your views through the comments section given below.

IFA: Windows 8 hybrid tablets steal the show

Until now, Apple has easily reigned over the tablet computers market. But, Android has slowly whittled down its share. But, the real threat will come from Microsoft and not Android.

This is exactly what we are seeing at the ongoing IFA event in Germany. Several manufacturers have unveiled several tablet/laptop hybids. And, these devices are not restricted by being tied to any Application store, marketplace, or Play Store. These gadgets run full Windows 8 come with all of the necessary freedoms. In addition, these are tablets that bear the Windows name.

Apple is a leader, though it should be noted that Microsoft still leads the PC market by a huge margin. Windows come with an impressive quantity of users, when these individuals require a new computer, they could go for these hybrid devices. These upcoming hybrid devices can be counted as laptops, as slates, or maybe they should be placed in a fresh segment. Thus, it would be very difficult and confusing to calculate the overall sales.

Moreover, Apple has never cared about the numbers. Thanks to its thick profit margin, the Cupertino-based tablet maker can manage with low market share. Perhaps Apple will become the eye-candy of elite class only. It’s a fact that consumers are ready to spend an extra amount for an Apple product even when the product is not the best one around.

But, it would be too early to say anything. Let’s just wait for the buyer’s response to these new tablets/laptops hybrids.