LG uncovers Optimus Pro G; coming to South Korean market soon

LG introduced the Optimus Pro G last week though the official announcement was inquisitively devoid of any helpful features. Now the South Korean mobile phone maker has declared the smartphone for the Korean marketplace & thankfully, there are now a few features for us to dribble at.

You may already be familiar with the 5.5inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution screen on the Optimus Pro G, which the Asian manufacturer claims is the biggest on any of its smartphones till now. Moreover the screen is surrounded by a slim body, which makes the device 76.1 mm broad, thinner in comparison with the Galaxy Note 2, which is 80.5 mm broad & has an identically sized screen.

The Optimus G Pro is running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chip, with a 1.6 GHz quad core Krait 300 Central Processing Unit & Adreno 320 Graphic Processing Unit, the first smartphone on the marketplace to do so. And then there is 2 GB of RAM & 32 GB of internal storage space, with a micro SD card slot. The Optimus G Pro is running on Android v4.1, Jelly Bean.

On the rear the Optimus G Pro offers a 13 MP snapper with LED flash & on the frontage a 2.1 MP snapper. With a fresh attribute known as Dual Recording, it allows users to shoot a video with both the snappers enabled at the same time, with the feed from the front snapper incorporated into the primary video for an image in picture effect.

In the last, the Optimus G Pro offers a 3,140mAh battery with wireless charging, which is hopefully able to power the smartphone for a long duration.

It will hit the market shelves this week in South Korea & will be displayed at Mobile World Congress later this month.

LG Optimus Vu 2 to sport universal remote application IRDA port

The moment we think smartphones have reached the peak of development, mobile phone manufacturer come up with something new and more enthralling. Now something revolutionary has arrived from the house of the South Korean firm, LG.

LG has disclosed that its forthcoming Optimus Vu II phablet will give owners the facility to control several consumer electronics gadgets throughout their house, due to the handsets incorporated infrared all-in-one remote control application, QRemote.

The telecommunication giant desires the phablet to substitute roughly any remote in the user’s house, do away with the need to continually search for remotes for diverse appliances.

Whilst its too early to speculate on the capabilities of the Q Remote application and its overall implications on our life, LG is not shy of making claims. The Asian giant clams that the phablet is currently getting tested with more than three hundred domestic and global TV models. We also expect the support to reach more devices in the upcoming future.

Sadly, other than QRemote the integrated infrared abilities, LG has declined to disclose any other info about the specs of the Optimus Vu 2. This opens up a lot of opportunities for mindless speculations. However, the release is expected next month in Korea. So, it won’t be long before we could be playing with this amazing mobile phone.

So guys, what do you think about using your smartphone as a remote for your TV? Let us know about your precious views through the comments section given below.

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Rumor: LG Optimus G hitting US market shelves

LG Qualcomm has sent invites for a shared event scheduled to happen on September 19 in New York City. The invites states that the proposed event will be all about a new handset, and we expect the device to be none other than the US edition of the Optimus G.

The event is named Live Without Boundaries, though that does not actually provide us with much info about the character of the phone to be declared. Though there is still a significant hint to be found on the invite, which points to the fact that it could be the quad-core Krait-powered LG Optimus G.

The smartphone is already unveiled for the South Korean market, thus the official images are already available for our pleasure. If you utilize any of the image editing software to correct the invite’s photograph brighten up the shadows. In this manner, we can witness the smartphone present in the similar rear as the Optimus G. The most-telling proof is the loudspeaker grille position the texture on the rear.

Obviously, it might be a mere coincidence the South Korean mobile manufacturer could have some other product to declare. However, the probability of that is very less. Obviously, we will keep you updated about the event.

So guys, we have reached the end here. What do you think about this invitation from LG? Is Optimus G coming to US? Or the South Korean mobile maker has a new device for us? Let us know about your precious views through the comments section given below.

LG uncovers OPTIMUS L9, with similar design aesthetics

The LG Optimus L9 will carry on the chic L-Series range of smartphones with its global unveiling. After the successful releases of the Optimus L5, Optimus L3 Optimus L7 in 2012, the Optimus L9 is expected to maintain the success of the L-Series highlighting premium design legacy developed from the South Korean major’s design management.

Following the high-end L-Style design values, the Optimus L9 flaunts a 9.1mm slim body with a slimming metal band Modern Square styling that makes for a comfortable hold.

The enormous 4.7” IPS screen of the Optimus L9 gives clear realistic photographs with impressive detail for a pleasant viewing experience. The high density 2,150mAh SiO+ battery permits owners to relish in the several fresh UX attributes throughout the day with maximized performance whilst keeping its unbelievably slim design.

This handset comes with LG’s distinguished UX attributes, like the QTranslator My Style Keyboard facility along with the ever famous QMemo.

The QTranslator feature instantaneously translates not just words, but complete sentences as well phrases with a plain scan from almost forty four foreign languages to sixty four user languages. Utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique, it identifies letters upon scanning with the snapper makes use of electronic dictionary or online translation engine to interpret terms.

The My Style Keypad feature fine-tunes the key arrangement considering whether user is typing with only one hand (right or left-handed) or two hands. Last of all, the Optimus L9 sport the QMemo, permitting tech buffs to click, memo share their ideas with others utilizing their finger tip or handwriting.

LG to release the Optimus 4X HD in Europe in June

LG has declared that that they will be releasing the Optimus 4X HD in June in eleven nations, namely Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and Italy.  This handset was first seen at the Mobile world Congress event in the month of February. At the MWC, it managed to attract visitor’s attention. Sadly, the South Korean mobile maker is taking a lot of time releasing it.  In the mean time, many other products have taken the centre stage.

Anyway, the upcoming Optimus 4X HD is powered by a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, coupled with 1GB RAM. The screen size is enormous at 4.7” True HD IPS panel. As the name suggests, this display is capable to give 720p resolution.

The snapper on the rear is an 8 MP unit with Full High-Definition video recording. Such a powerful camera has become more of a necessity in the present day smartphones. This marvelous device is 8.9mm, giving it an appealing look. The battery under the hood is a 2,150 mAh unit, capable enough to withstand the demands of such a huge display & multiple cores. In general, it appears that LG has found a nice match for other high-end models present in the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III & the HTC One X.

Of course, the handset appears great in white color. And the specs sheet make it a must buy. But, in a segment dominated by Samsung and Apple, it won’t be easy for LG to make a comeback.

Leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich for LG Nitro HD available

At the time when 720p screens are no longer regarded as exceptional, we often forget that the LG Nitro HD was in fact the first ATT phone to offer this feature. Sadly, this marvelous device is still using the soon-to-be outdated Gingerbread. In an act of desperation, some users have tried to move on to some other handset to experience the latest operating system from the search mogul.

Well, if you are still using the LG Nitro HD but fancy using the ICS on your handset, then this report is just for you. Actually, a leaked build of the ICS is now accessible. Certainly, it’s an early build could be far from the complete update, but most users are stating that it’s stable enough to use – as stated by reactions at XDA developers. and, the charm of the new edition from Google is very hard to resist.

As a matter of fact, it appears as though a group of the phone’s versions were trialed to make sure that things would be smooth – such as the devices from ATT, Bell, and Fido. Even though a few have been reporting the IMEI going missing by using the build, many have cited no change at all with it. However, since it is a leaked build we are discussing, users need to exercise some vigilance before including this leaked build in their device.

If you have already incorporated the leaked build in your device, then let us about your experience in the comments section below.

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Rumor: LG Optimus 4X HD ready for a June launch

LG Optimus 4X HD is scheduled to be launched in the United Kingdom mobile phone market in June this year. This quad-core powered droid was unveiled at the MWC 2012 in Barcelona, and was expected to be launched first in South Korea, then in the United Kingdom later in 2012.

Now, it is expected that this handset will hit the market shelves in UK either in June or early July. However, we are still not certain about the price of this device. Also, the launch date is only for the SIM-free version of the smartphone – it’s still not clear if any service provider will be offering the LG Optimus 4X HD on a contract.

The LG Optimus 4X HD sports a quad-core 1.5GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, operates Android v4.0 ICS operating system. This gadget also flaunts 1GB of RAM 16 GB of internal memory space. The new smartphone is mere 8.8mm comes with a 7.7” True HD IPS screen, with an impressive resolution of 1280720 pixels.

As mentioned above, this handset runs on the mighty quad-core processing unit. In fact, it is the first handset ever to arrive from the stable of the South Korean telecommunication giant to do so.

It seems that LG is taking the mobile business very seriously. First, they have launched a handset with the biggest RAM ever in the history of the industry. Now, they have decided to release this astonishing handset earlier than expected. We hope that this enthusiasm also get transformed into great sales figure.

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