Buy HTC One V deals: Compact but impressive

HTC One V sports an exceptional curved-chin layout that makes it convenient to grasp a distinguishing accessory to your communication life. However, do not be deceived by its compacted dimensions. Similar to all these One series smartphones, it sports an inspiring list of attributes incorporating a best-in-class snapper.

With this snapper, users will never miss any precious moments, as they can click each moment with a snapper that kicks-up in beneath a second possess a zero shutter stoppage. You will never again have to decide between clicking a video or photographs. With Video Pic, users can do both the tasks simultaneously. And users will receive the most excellent photos even under the nastiest situations: low lighting, absence of light back light… None of these will create any trouble.

The fresh, included music experience makes it uncomplicated to entrée all of user’s music libraries, preferred audio applications Internet radio at the same time from one expedient position. And with Beats Audio integrated, users obtain wealthy and genuine sound. The 3.7” touchscreen is draped in a tough, metal uni-body with an exclusive curved-chin design. The size of the screen may seem inappropriate for a smartphone, but its suitable considering its affordable price tag.

With Dropbox included into HTC Sense, users can routinely put aside all of their photographs videos to Dropbox – entrée share all of user’s photographs straight from the Gallery. Dropbox too makes it uncomplicated to edit share files whilst users are on the move, thus users never have to mail themselves a document once more. You can Buy HTC One V deals from several online shopping portals. These portals also give you the facility to compare different deals. So folks, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a revolutionary smartphone like HTC One V.

HTC’s Mysterious New Tablet Confirmed; Will Hit UK As Well

Rumors floating in the technology world are that HTC is planning to send a unique tablet over to the United Kingdom market. It’s not clear what exactly is unique about this tablet, but we are keeping our hopes high. Whilst the United Kingdom market already has the Flyer, they haven’t received the HTC Jetstream till now. But, the Jetstream is far from being a unique device. The Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has confirmed to the PC Advisor that a fresh slate is certainly prepared to hit the market shelves. It is also anticipated that the tablet would work on the most recent Android v4.1.1 build.

The HTC Flyer was the last attempt by the Taiwanese mobile maker to woo tech-junkies in the UK. It did arrive with a number of attributes that were unique to the 7-inch slate at that time, such as a high resolution screen the Scribe Technology. The slate originally carried a price tag of 600 GBP ($930 USD) however can now be bought in the market for mere 200 GBP ($310 USD). The HTC Jetstream is another tablet in their kitty, but with a bigger 10.1-inch screen.

A hint about the slate could be found by analyzing the timing of this declaration, which arrives a shortly after Google unveiled the Nexus 7, a slate proposed to contend in the low end of the marketplace. This device is anticipated to release on July 19th. We are not sure about you guys; however were eagerly waiting for more information on this mysterious tablet, for instance specifications, release date and pricing.

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HTC Incredible S gets the ICS update

Well, it appears as though every smartphone producers required a push from the search giant to lastly let go the Ice Cream Sandwich updates. After Google uncovered its Android v4.1 Jelly Bean OS, we are witnessing several smartphones receiving their long anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. Until now, we have seen the , Sony Xperia mini, Motorola DROID RAZR Motorola RAZR getting the updates for Ice Cream Sandwich, however now you can count the ageing HTC Incredible S as well.

Yes guys, it’s true! The ageing HTC Incredible S, which is fundamentally similar to the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon, is astonishingly receiving the latest iteration of the Android platform (at the moment we are not counting Jelly Bean). In particular, it upgrades the smartphone’s OS to Android 4.0.4, it also seems like that the owners are given version 3.6 of HTC’s Sense UI.

Obviously, it’s not the recent edition of Sense, which is available on smartphones such as the high-end HTC One X, but still, HTC Sense 3.6 will please several Incredible S users. It certainly do not possess the sexy 3D transition effects present in Sense 4.0, however at least it brags almost all of the basic functionality any user expect.

At the moment, it appears that SIM-free variants of the phone are the first to get the upgrade, which is approximately 250MB in size – means that Wi-Fi connectivity could be the best option for downloading it. But, it’s not known that whether its CDMA cousion in the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon Wireless will get the update or not.

Virgin to offer HTC One V in the US market

Whilst HTCs One V smartphone was already affirmed to hit the market shelves in the U.S. through several major carries, but we don’t know the name of these service providers until now. Virgin Mobile is the first network to offer the handset on contract for $199million, and the plans begin at $199 per month.

HTC One V flaunts a 1GHz Snapdragon S3 central processing unit, 3.7-inch touchscreen producing the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and obviously Beats Audio. The handset also sports a 5 MP back-illuminated snapper utilizing the Taiwanese mobile manufacturers ImageSense chipset, capable of clicking beautiful pictures while shooting 720p HD video. It also has Androids Ice Cream Sandwich OS right out of the box, and the Sense 4 UI overlay is also incorporated. Having the latest operating system is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of this superb device.

This smartphone may not be as strong as its mighty sibling the One X; however the inexpensive cost is the factor that pushes us to consider this device. With such a competitive price, this device promises to deliver latest technology to masses.

The Taiwanese mobile maker stated that it would bring the device through several partners in the US, and Virgin Mobile will be accompanied by many other carriers pretty soon. At the moment, simply head on to the Virgin Mobile website to get more details. Also keep an eye on the technology market. Of course, we will keep you updated on any further development.

HTC Rezound Android ICS update emerged on HTCs site

On Tuesday, it was reported that the HTC Rezound is awarded a price-cut to $79.99 with a 2 years contract. And yesterday, the official site of the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer was announcing the ICS update for this handset. HTC not just announced the upgrade, but also placed a concrete June 20th release date. Sadly, Verizon’s site shows nothing about this upgrade, and it seems that no update was released on Wednesday.

Some of the enhancements this update fetches are accumulation of the Caller Name ID app to every applications and the update of VCAST Media manager to Backup Assistant Plus. In addition, any troubles with time zones on the clock widget have been dealt with. After this upgrade, you smartphone will support the Wireless Alerting System. Also, to enhance the VPN workability, support has been included for Cisco Any Connect. Owners of the HTC Rezound must note the enhanced data connectivity the enhanced device stability will reduce the phones requirement to be reset. There will be enhanced connectivity to mobile HotSpots as well. Last but not least, the default mail application will show all Yahoo email appropriately.

Users can check out the status of this update by visiting Software Update > Check New. We doubt the device getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update as HTC had earlier hinted a July release for the update. But, there’s no harm in expecting an earlier launch. In the meantime, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has also deleted the update announcement from its website.

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HTC uncovers Desire V and Desire VC with dual-SIM slots

HTC has also joined the Dual-SIM wagon by announcing its first smartphone with support for dual-SIMs, the Desire V. In addition, the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has also announced a dedicated dual-mode variant for the Chinese market called Desire VC.

As expected, the Desire V Desire VC possess indistinguishable specifications except the network support. HTC Desire V is supporting tri-band GSM on its secondary slot quad-band GSM/EDGE + dual-band HSPA on the primary SIM-1 slot. The second smartphone in our list is a CDMA/EVDO smartphone with a SIM card slot for tri-band GSM support.

Both the smartphones come with 4” WVGA panels, and is powered by Qualcomm MSM7227A chipsets, sporting a 1GHz Cortex-A5 CPU, Adreno 200 graphics with 512 MB of RAM. These handsets will also flaunt a decent 5MP camera with LED flash and VGA recording. So, photography enthusiasts will certainly appreciate these devices. Wi-Fi is also present. The internal 4GB of internal memory space can be expanded through micro SD card slot.

The main concern for any smartphone buyer is what version of operating system is included. Here, both the devices come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. Of course, HTC has provided its Sense layer on top of the stock operating system. Beats Audio enrichments are also incorporated.

HTC Desire V is expected to hit the Asian markets in the beginning of July and will possibly hit other markets as well. It’s expected that the Desire VC would be release around the same time. The price tag for the Desire V will probably be around $345 (€275) the Desire VC will cost approximately $318 (€253).

HTC One XL now available in Australia

SIM-free unlocked version of HTC One XL is up for grabs in Australia. Presently, tech buffs in Australia can just acquire the black variant for AU$850 (€660). This handset can work on all GSM network operators in Australia on Telstra’s LTE network.

For those users who are planning to import this handset over, they would be glad to know that the HTC One XL also comes with the support for the necessary European GSM 3G bands. There is also support for a number of the approaching LTE networks in Europe running on the 2600 MHz band.

HTC One XL is akin to the One X we previously witnessed, except the chipset. HTC One XL comes with a mighty Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 SoC with a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait processor Adreno 225 Graphic Processor Unit. The NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 isn’t offering native LTE support, which resulted in the chipset swap.

Now, Australia is the second market to acquire One X power-driven by Krait after the United States, where ATT is offering this device. This particular version is reportedly better than the Original One X in terms of processor’s performance. However, individual views may differ on this issue.

As a matter of fact, HTC One X has been applauded by consumers all over the world. The LTE version is no exception either. Right now, we can only say that it is one of the most exciting options available in the smartphone market. So, what’s your take on this new entrant in the smartphone market? Please let us know in the comments section below.

HTC EVO V 4G: Not Up to Our Expectations

Do you remember all that rumors about the likelihood of Virgin Mobile coming up with a 4G WiMAX gizmo? Well, as we know, it was just affirmed that the Sprint subsidiary will certainly be getting WiMAX-enabled gizmos soon. As per the rumor mill, the next device will be the HTC EVO V 4G.

If the images are accurate, then this handset is nothing more than a rebranded HTC EVO 3D. The EVO 3D has been part of Sprint’s range for almost a year now. Fortunately, Virgin Mobile users can now enjoy this 3D-supported smartphone to its full potential.

Apart from the noticeable Virgin Mobile branding in the back, this is equal in all way to the HTC EVO 3D also offered by Sprint at the moment. Obviously, its layout does not amaze as much as before, however nevertheless, it’s sturdily build all around.

As we expected, the HTC EVO V 4G flaunts a 4.3-inch qHD LCD screen with a parallax barrier overlay to offer the reliefs of a glasses-free 3D viewing experience. A few of might identify it to be a fresh product, but this device is nothing more than an added good to its armory.

Apart from being able to view 3D contents straight on the device itself, it also possesses the capability to click 3D photographs and record 3D videos – with the assistance of its dual 5 MP snappers. Outside it, its specifications list is identical to Sprint’s edition. Frankly, the screen is great, but be careful as it can become a bit nauseating after using it for an extended time.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X: Let the Battle begin!

Samsung has uncovered the Galaxy S 3, its highly-anticipated flagship handset. The South Korean manufacturer is pinning its hopes on the device. One of its main Android opponents is HTC’s One X. we can’t resist the temptation to compare these devices two side-by-side.

Both these devices are very similar in this area. The Galaxy S3 comes with a Super AMOLED 4.8” screen whilst the HTC One X has a minutely lesser Super IPS 4.7” screen. Both handsets utilize a 720 x 1280 resolution. HTC One X comes with a pixel density of 312ppi. Sadly, its opponent Galaxy S3 has somewhat low pixel density of 306ppi because of its bigger display size. The minute difference in impossible to tell apart for the human eye both displays are of superior quality.

The CPU is a significant part of a smartphone. HTC One X is powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.5 GHz chipset. The South Korean mobile maker utilizes its proprietary Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz CPU for its flagship model which is predictably quad-core. On paper, HTC One X seems more dominant but this does not imply that the performance is better.

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On paper, the two back-facing snappers are tied for specifications. Both smartphones come with 8 MP snappers, with the capability to shoot videos in full High-Definition 1080p quality. The Galaxy S3 gives a higher resolution front-facing snapper, but at 1.9 MP in comparison to the HTC’s 1.3 MP camera.

Both devices posses the similar list of connectivity attributes such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.0, Near Field Communications (NFC) DLNA. One thing to notice is that Samsung is planning to launch a 4G edition of the Galaxy S3 pretty soon, which the One X does not offer.

One more time, software is a segment where the Galaxy S3 One X are identical. Both come with Google’s Android v4.0 ICS even though somewhat different variants. The Galaxy S3 has the v4.0.4 whilst the One X comes with v4.0.3. But, the chief dissimilarity in the area is the UI cover. Samsung has incorporated its TouchWiz UI HTC has obviously included Sense overlay.

As expected, mobile companies are taking this specification very seriously. Samsung ensures a great battery life for its flagship smartphone with a 2100mAh battery. On the other hand, HTC has outfitted the One X with an 1800mAh battery.

So folks, it seems like the rivalry between these two droids is intense. What’s’ your favorite?

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Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S3 and get Tab 10.1 free

Yes, it’s true. Carphone Warehouse is offering the newly released flagship model from Samsung with different network operators and in both contracts and SIM-free. Here’s the main surprise – those users who want to purchase it through contracts will receive a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. But, the offer is valid only for first 1000 pre-orders.

The contracts that users can select are mostly 2 years long, & most give this handset for free with £36 monthly rental. Service providers offering contracts are Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile.  If you prefer to travel the SIM-free route, the cost of the Galaxy S3 is £500. However, you will not be receiving the slate as a freebie.

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