Apple marketing chief dismisses possibility of iPhone mini

The marketing chief at the Cupertino based manufacturer has declined all the rumours about the rumoured and surprising iPhone mini.

Rumours about a smaller and cheaper iPhone surfaced a few days back, and some trusted newspapers confirmed the possibility. Rumours stated that Apple is aiming to enter the untested affordable segment. The move was also aimed at alluring consumers in developing markets.

If the rumours come out to be true, then you will be able to buy an iPhone at an inexpensive price. But, as Apple official has dismissed any possibility, do not expect much.

The cheap iPhone mini could also affect the brand value of this series. We do not anticipate Apple to come out with anything affordable smartphone.

Wall Street Journal hints iPhone mini debut in 2013

Many sources have hinted towards the forthcoming reasonable iPhone earlier, though when the Wall Street Journal is affirming the guess, we have to listen.

The Journal simply arrived with a story that the Cupertino based manufacturer is working on a cheaper iPhone smartphone to arrive as soon as this year, and cited individuals briefed with this issue.

Whilst the previous rumour was that this market expanding iPhone will strive for a bigger touchscreen, WSJ states that it will truly look like the existing iPhone, though feature different, convenient to produce materials for the body, similar to the light sturdy polycarbonate that the S3 the Lumia 920 are made with, in the place of the costly glass metal alloy body that covers the iPhone 5.

This will actually represent the biggest change for the affordable iPhone edition, with other existing components going straight into it, whilst anything new the American manufacturer arrives with will be retained for its nobler more costly yearly version that should come in the summer.

Apple is not unfamiliar to offering different editions, sizes and colours for different tastes, as they do with the iPod range, if the rumour about a mass market iPhone in 2013 comes out to be true, it will be apparent that Apple is assertively aspiring to conquer market share from archenemy Android with a rapid change in its strategy.

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Apple earning fewer profits from iPad mini

Not to anyone’s surprise, Apple earned less in total profits in comparison with the quarter before. It seems like that could be a drift, as the telecommunication giant has also stated in the earnings call that the iPad mini is getting retailed at profit margins considerably lower the average Apple gadget.

Apples CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated that though the tablet is getting retailed at a much better cost than direct rivals such as the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire, the slate’s gross margin is considerably less than the manufacturers average. Sadly, the American manufacturer did not explain this at all, thus we are left to guess.

New ipad White

It appears sensible that the aluminum case of the tablet is more expensive than the rivals’ plastic and rubber casing. Apart from this, we are seeing trouble guessing the huge dissimilarities. Apple iPad mini uses a 2 year old processor; where as the Nexus Tegra is merely a year old. Both the Nexus Fire have tinier screens, though higher resolutions, thus the price of the screen might not be much different between them the iPad. Obviously, the Nexus Fire are both retailed at cost, whilst the iPad Mini will make something of a profit.

It must be noticed though that one of the major grievances against the Cupertino-based mobile phone maker has been that the firm overcharges strives to get as much profit from users as possible. Considering this report, and the reports that the manufacturer has collected fewer profits for the third quarter, some of you may argue that Tim Cook has begun to run the company his way.

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Apple and Microsoft all-set to battle it out; Surface and iPad mini hitting market soon

This week two technology giants are ready to go one-on-one with their new tablet PCs. Microsoft has left no stone unturned to convince the technology world that Surface is the best slate in the market, and is ready to organize an exclusive event on Thursday. Apple which is an infamously secretive firm, is striving to keep things under wraps before the official announcement. But, this does not deter dedicated rumor sites to speculate probable specs, and obviously exciting Apple fan boys.

The tablet PC market is pretty competitive, with Amazon offering Kindle Fire and Google’s homegrown Nexus 7 giving rivals a run for their money. Interestingly, both the devices cater to the 7-inch segment. The Cupertino-based brand must have sensed this opportunity, and probably desires to annex this territory as well, eliminating rivals brutally.

Anyway, the Surface seems like a bold product with a number of enhancements, such as the magnetic case that transforms into a keypad a premium body. There is no snapper the focus is clearly on Office software. This indicates that the Redmond-based giant pitches this more as a productivity tool, though there is also an absence of 3G connectivity. The major attraction is the Metro, which is the tile-based navigation interface, and is wonderfully configured. Pre-orders for this slate has been already labeled as sold out in the United States. It is being released along with Windows 8, which is Microsofts long due OS update, touted as the largest amendment in Windows history, substituting the memorable desktop with Metros tiles.

Rumor: iPad Mini Prices could begin at £200

Costs of the Apple iPad mini will begin at approximately £200 in the European market, as per a screenshot leaked from a German electronics seller.

The German retailer Media Markt has actually placed the costs specs list of sixteen configurations of the upcoming tablet on its inner inventory system.

An unidentified source somehow took a screenshot of the detailing, which emerged on several tech blogs Cashys Blog Flo’s Weblog.

The existence of the slate hasn’t even been formally unveiled. The screenshot from the electronic seller displays the least expensive edition a Wi-Fi 8 GB version along a cost of 249 Euros £201. The cellular edition of the 8 GB variant will carry a price tag of 349 Euros £282.

The priciest variant of the iPad mini the 64 GB cellular edition – could flaunt a price of 649 euro, or £525.
Even if the stock screenshot is authentic, it is still uncertain whether Media Markt, has placed correct price figures.

A number of technology watchers, such as the Mobile Geeks, have warned that the alleged costs could just be generic holding numbers a figure placed in the data field till actual prices arrive from the American MNC.

Though if the figures turn out to be correct, it implies that the least expensive iPad mini will be roughly half of the cost of the typical £399 entry-level iPad.

Apparently, the tablet computer is configured to take on the Amazon Kindle HD the Google Nexus 7 in the tiny slate market. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for the official event.

Apple iPhone 5: Sold out in the US

Apple is again dominating market thanks to the awe-inspiring sales of the latest iPhone. Though, there are a number of wrinkles.

Whilst the smartphone is virtually sold-out difficult to find, several early shoppers discovered a few things to grumble about, a secret attribute that astonished many.

Corporate conflict had the Cupertino-based manufacturer substituted Google Maps with its own maps attribute, several tech buffs has been complaining that the new Maps is inferior to Google’s one. Major complaints are incorrect directions the absence of local transit info. Users have been talking about their terrible experiences online. The manufacturer states it has just getting begun with Maps, the feature will enhance in the future.

Apple iPhone 5 is available with three service providers in the US market – Sprint, ATT and Verizon Wireless is not expected to be interchangeable amongst their different networks. But, it is reported that the Verizon edition of the smartphone supports the ATT. Apparently, the Verizon iPhone 5 recognizes an ATT SIM card a chipset that makes out a thingy to a network. The phone can then get started on ATTs network.

Many stores in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio has reported that the iPhone has been sold out for ATT and Verizon. A few units of the iPhone for Sprint are available. Anyway, the handset retails for $399 with a two year contract, an increase from the entry level $199 with 16GB of memory space a two year contract.

iPhone 5: A look at some deals and tariffs

Apple iPhone 5 is here, and you must be looking for the best deals for the iPhone 5. Here, we have listed some of the best iPhone 5 deals in the UK market. Let’s have a look.

Orange T-Mobile have declared their tariffs for the latest in the iPhone lineup. Though, we still don’t know details about their parent firm’s 4G EE plans. – anticipate these to be declared at the moment their service provider goes online.
For users who have a penchant for 4G action, EE will actually make it convenient for them to update their iPhone 5 plan from Orange or T-Mobile with no extra fee – given they select a tariff at an equivalent or higher cost.

O2 has stubbornly jammed with 1 GB of data across the board, taking a dissimilar approach to everyone else. We are surprised to see why the network operator hasn’t offered something a tad different in view of the breadth of users it has. In this manner, they will lose their customers with high data usage to Three.
Calls texting are unlimited on every plan, which come under O2s On On brand.

The smartphone will cost you £250, £160, £100, £30 free on the £26, £31, £36, £41 and £46 plans, correspondingly.
The 32GB variant is priced £360, £270, £210, £140 and £90 on the £26, £31, £36, £41 £46 plans, respectively.
If you desire the 64GB version it charges £450, £350, £270, £210 £170 on the £26, £31, £36, £41 and £46 plans, respectively.

Its obvious that the T-Mobile offer is better than that of its sister firm, Orange. The plans began at £36 each month, both giving unlimited messages, with T-Mobiles Full Monty giving you 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.
Users receive unlimited everything with the £41, £46 £61 deals. Its strange that the latter is £10 extra than the high-end tariff on Orange.

Smartphone costs are £109, £49, £29 £19 with the £36, £41, £46 and £61 deals, in that order.
iPhone 5 phone costs are £219, £149, £99 £29 with the £36, £41, £46 and £61 plans, correspondingly.
The biggest variant costs are £269, £219, £189 £139 with the £36, £41, £46 £61 plans, respectively.

Three offers the most exhilarating smartphone pricing. It has resulted in great sales. Moreover, the network keeps thing simple there are only 2 two years agreement to pick from.
The unlimited internet 500 plan grants users 5000 messages, 500 minutes unlimited internet. The One plan gives 2000 minutes with 5000 Three to Three minutes, 5000 messages unlimited internet for an additional £2 every month it comprises tethering to other widgets, as well.

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Apple unveils iPhone 5; 4-inch screen, LTE support, and slimmer body on offer

Apple has uncovered the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 boasting a larger touchscreen, swifter chipset access to faster LTE networks. This revamp is aimed at extending its lead over Android in the $219.1 billion smartphone souk.

Apple iPhone 5 has the capability to connect with a swifter 4G LTE wireless network, is 20 per cent lighter than the last variant. It will flaunt a price tag of $199 to $399 in the United States. It flaunts a case made from glass aluminum, a chipset that can process instructions more speedily a four inch retina display in comparison with the3.5-inches on the earlier editions.

The Cupertino-based mobile maker also overhauled its operating system, including three-dimensional maps, closer Facebook integration and enhancements on the Siri voice recognition attribute.

Arriving roughly a year after the demise of Steve Jobs, this handset is the first-ever hardware revamp in the lineup since its inception. This series popularized handheld touchscreen handsets that provide fast web downloads a pool of games, entertainment productivity tools. But, the competition is very intense at the moment, and rivals are striving hard to compete with the iPhones in the market. So, it becomes very crucial for Apple to maintain its appeal.

Since Apple merely releases one new iPhone every year, every launch is crucial. The manufacturer has retailed more than 244million units since its 2007 unveiling, the phone now controls approximately two-thirds of profit. Its fame has led analysts to project Apples marketplace value to more than $620billion, making it the most valuable firm in the world.

best iPhone 4s Deals

Samsung Motorola have already unveiled LTE-capable phones, and now with Apple joining the race, 4G LTE networks could gain more popularity. The new 4G networks enable swifter streaming and other downloads, in comparison with the present wireless networks.

The new smartphone will hit the market shelves on September 21, is accessible for pre-orders on September 14. The American MNC could retail 10m units by the conclusion of this month, as per some analyst. It will also benefit the net of suppliers that manufacture components for the iPhone. This includes Samsung which churns out the microprocessor that is a vital part of the smartphone, whilst Qualcomm is the creator of the chipset that unites it to wireless networks. And similar to any other Apple device, it is made in China by Foxconn technology. We are expecting impressive sales of this smartphone.

iPhone 5 arriving today; what to expect?

Telecommunication giant Apple is anticipated to release the latest installment in its iPhone series.

The secretive company is supposed to organize a special event which usually engages Apple executives releasing new goods to an exclusive invited audience. Even though Apple hasn’t said anything about the release of iPhone 5, it is almost certain that the manufacturer will release the iPhone 5.

It arrives a day after the United Kingdoms largest mobile network operator unveiled plans to kick off the nations first 4G services before the end of this year. We are talking about Everything Everywhere, which is rebranded as EE, will make the modern technique obtainable to roughly 20million users in 16 cities all over the United Kingdom.

The 4G network can give speeds of up to 5X swifter than 3G networks. Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Huawei offer products supporting 4G networks, but Apple is yet to join the elite league. The 4G networks permit continuous access to internet on the move; HD films can be downloaded in minutes TV can be streamed with no buffering.

The fight for dominance of the mobile phone marketplace has become increased lately, and Apple will not compromise on any aspect. Nokia Microsoft have recently released two new smartphones running on the WP platform, the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. And could gain some traction in the smartphone market, which is not good news for the Cupertino-based mobile maker. Samsung Galaxy S3 is also selling like hot cakes in the market. So, Apple iPhone needs to bring that wow factor if Apple needs to maintain its lead.

People selling their old iPhones, in anticipation of a revamped iPhone 5

We are just few hours away from the official announcement of the new iPhone 5, and people are already getting rid of their old iPhone smartphones. Ebay and craigslist are flooded with them, and firms that specialize in buying back old handsets are very busy.

As per reports from USA Today, NextWorth, which buys back old handsets provides quotes, is full with an astonishing amount of iPhone quote requests in the last 3 weeks.

This is because several iPhone users did not upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the 4S as the smartphone did not materialize to be a lot different. Though, with gossips of the iPhone 5 coming with a totally dissimilar design, dock connector, panels, users are definitely ready for a change.

Presently on eBay, there are more than 6k used iPhone 4 on offer, whilst there are approximately 4,000 old iPhone 4S. As per USA Today, 50% of NextWorths quotes relates to the iPhone 4 handset, whilst only 20% are for the iPhone 4S.

But, many users are still confused whether to get rid of their old iPhone or not. Some argue that it’s the best time to sell your smartphone, as once the iPhone 5 makes a debut, your old iPhone will suffer more decline in its value.

Even though the new iPhone is definite to impress several users, there are still individuals that consider the older editions will continue to be adequate since development on smartphones has been slowing down. Thus, there is no reason to worry dissimilar to a few years back, last years variant will not appear like an out-of-date relic.