Nokia Lumia 920: It’s do or die for Nokia, Lumia 920 release date

It’s finally here! After several rounds of rumors Nokia and Microsoft has unveiled its highly-anticipated smartphone, the Lumia 920. As we were anticipating, it is the first Lumia PureView smartphone.

This smartphone clearly seems similar to the Lumia 900, though arrives with a larger 4.5-inch 720p PureMotionHD+ screen, with curvaceous glass layered on it. It is power-driven by the Snapdragon S4 chip with a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait CPU Renado 225 Graphic Processor Unit.

The screen is something the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is actually proud of. It is named as Pure Motion HD+ its display color brightness will amend itself automatically, as per the lighting situations. If you have expected an AMOLED display though, you will be let down.

Lumia 920 camera sports the PureView branding, however it has an 8 MP sensor only. It provides an exciting new image stabilization named as floating lens, which is claimed to very effectual in comparison with the optical image stabilization on several digital cameras. Other add-ons include Carl Zeiss optics, full HD video recording an LED flash.

Remaining specifications include Near Field Commiunication, LTE connectivity, 32GB storage capacity along with 7GB SkyDrive cloud storage 1GB RAM. The smartphone weighs 185g, supports merely micro-SIM cards does not have a micro SD card slot.

Obviously, you get the latest Windows phone 8 operating system, will arrive with several fresh services, revamped Nokia Drive maps, enhanced hubs system applications. The last characteristic worth mentioning is the included wireless charging feature. The smartphone will hit the market shelves in glossy, white, yellow and black colors. Sadly, the price and availability is yet to be announced.

Nokia Lumia 920: It’s do or die for Nokia, Lumia 920 release date
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